Word families

Aqui podeis ver cómo nuestros chicos/as de primero trabajan las word families para familiarizarse con vocabulario y a la vez, mecanismos de lectura...

Word Families: Reading in "Chunks"

What are they?

Word families are groups of words that share the same ending pattern, such as "hat", "mat", and "cat". Words in a family will always rhyme; however, not all rhyming words belong to the same word family. "Hair" and "care" both rhyme, but come from different families.

Why is it important ?

  1. When children begin to read, they must sound out every letter. This is slow and breaks up the flow of the words, making it hard to figure out the meaning. When learning families of words, children are able to read familiar patterns of letters quickly and fluently.
  2. When kids progress past these simple words, the patterns, or chunks, that they learn now will continue to help them to decipher longer words.
  3. Word family patterns help children's spelling. They are able to recognize spelling patterns and apply these to other words of the same family.





Lun, 17/04/2017